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Backstreet BrisbaneLive like a local – explore like a tourist! Food, events, and lifestyle in Brisbane, Australia


Emergence, by Malcolm Bell



Limelight Magazine – Review: Emerald City (Queensland Theatre and Melbourne Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Neighbourhood (La Boite Theatre Company and Multicultural Australia, in association with Empire Theatres


Limelight Magazine – Review: Antigone (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Fangirls (Queensland Theatre, Belvoir & Brisbane Festival in association with Australian Theatre for Young People)

Limelight Magazine – Review: From Darkness (La Boite Theatre Company & Brisbane Festival)

Limelight Magazine – Review: L’Appartement (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: City of Gold (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Romeo and Juliet (La Boite Theatre Company & QUT Creative Industries)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Dinner Party (Expressions Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Death of a Salesman (Queensland Theatre)


Voiceworks #113 – Crit Happens: the successes and failures of Dungeons and Dragons

Limelight Magazine – Review: North by Northwest (Kay + McLean Productions)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Hedda (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Nearer the Gods (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Everyday Requiem (Expressions Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Cinderella (Queensland Ballet)

Overland Literary Journal: Return to Reading

Limelight Magazine – Review: Lysa and the Freeborn Dames (La Boite Theatre & QUT Creative Industries)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Good Muslim Boy (Queensland Theatre & Malthouse Theatre)

Hot Chicks with Big Brains #6 – Freeborn Fury: Interview with playwright Claire Christian

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Longest Minute (Queensland Theatre)


Mous Magazine #4 – From the Fringe

Mous Magazine #4 – In the Family: Interview with Benjamin & Michelle Law

Kyoto Journal #89 – Following the Mud: Interview with Emily Reynolds

Limelight Magazine – Review: Peter Pan (Queensland Ballet)

Hot Chicks With Big Brains – Book Review: “The Bright Hour” by Nina Riggs

Limelight Magazine – Review: La Fille Mal Gardee (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine Issue #3 – In Hot Water

Limelight Magazine – Review: Swan Lake (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Raw (Queensland Ballet)


Spinebind Magazine, Issue #3 – Cyclone in a Teacup

Hot Chicks with Big Brains, Issue #2 – A Room of our Own

Mous Magazine Issue #2 – Personal Canvas

Mous Magazine Issue #2 – Body of Work

Limelight Magazine – Review: Snow White (Ballet Prejlocaj)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Chi Udaka (Taikoz & Lingalayam)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Lest We Forget (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Strictly Gershwin (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – Fairtrade Porn

Womankind Magazine #8 – Declutter Challenge

Good Good Girl – The Silent Ranking System of Eating Disorders 

Limelight Magazine – Review: Much Ado About Nothing (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – The Reality of Donald Trump

Mous Magazine – Forgotten but not gone


Limelight Magazine – Review: French Revelations (Southern Cross Soloists)

Mous Magazine – Interview: Lumedecor

Mous Magazine – Interview: Made by Flint

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Sleeping Beauty (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – Crafting a Change

Mous Magazine – Givin’ Girls an Ego

Limelight Magazine – Queensland Ballet announces a glamour filled 2016

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Importance of Being Earnest (W!LD RICE)

Mous Magazine – It’s not my revolution if I can’t wear pink

Mous Magazine – Interview: Milly Dent Designs

Mous Magazine – Reclaim Australia

Limelight Magazine – Review: Peter Pan (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: La Sylphide (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Three Masterpieces (American Ballet Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Desh (Akram Khan Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Swan Lake (American Ballet Theatre)

Mous Magazine – Feminism and BDSM

Mous Magazine – In(accurate) Memoriam


Limelight Magazine – Review: 2 One Another (Sydney Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Effect (Queensland Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Coppelia (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Cock (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Don Quixote (Imperial Russian Ballet)


Cyclone Larry: tales of survival from the children of North Queensland – A storm to remember (p.46)