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Limelight Magazine – Review: Bernhardt/Hamlet (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Last Five Years (La Boite Theatre)


Limelight Magazine – Review: Othello (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Away (La Boite Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Return to the Dirt (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Brisbane’s Art Boat – Northshore Loop (Brisbane Festival & Northshore)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Ishmael (Dead Puppet Society, Brisbane Festival & QPAC)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Boy Swallows Universe (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival & QPAC)

Limelight Magazine – Feature: Dead Puppet Society sets sail in a sea of stars

Limelight Magazine – Review: CAESAR (La Boite Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Taming of the Shrew (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Triple X (Queensland Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Naked & Screaming (La Boite Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Our Town (Queensland Theatre)


Limelight Magazine – Review: The Holidays (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Mouthpiece (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Leviathan (Circa, Brisbane Festival & QPAC)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Emerald City (Queensland Theatre and Melbourne Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Neighbourhood (La Boite Theatre Company and Multicultural Australia, in association with Empire Theatres


Limelight Magazine – Review: Antigone (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Fangirls (Queensland Theatre, Belvoir & Brisbane Festival in association with Australian Theatre for Young People)

Limelight Magazine – Review: From Darkness (La Boite Theatre Company & Brisbane Festival)

Limelight Magazine – Review: L’Appartement (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: City of Gold (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Romeo and Juliet (La Boite Theatre Company & QUT Creative Industries)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Dinner Party (Expressions Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Death of a Salesman (Queensland Theatre)


Voiceworks #113 – Crit Happens: the successes and failures of Dungeons and Dragons

Limelight Magazine – Review: North by Northwest (Kay + McLean Productions)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Hedda (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Nearer the Gods (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Everyday Requiem (Expressions Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Cinderella (Queensland Ballet)

Overland Literary Journal: Return to Reading

Limelight Magazine – Review: Lysa and the Freeborn Dames (La Boite Theatre & QUT Creative Industries)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Good Muslim Boy (Queensland Theatre & Malthouse Theatre)

Hot Chicks with Big Brains #6 – Freeborn Fury: Interview with playwright Claire Christian

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Longest Minute (Queensland Theatre)


Mous Magazine #4 – From the Fringe

Mous Magazine #4 – In the Family: Interview with Benjamin & Michelle Law

Kyoto Journal #89 – Following the Mud: Interview with Emily Reynolds

Limelight Magazine – Review: Peter Pan (Queensland Ballet)

Hot Chicks With Big Brains – Book Review: “The Bright Hour” by Nina Riggs

Limelight Magazine – Review: La Fille Mal Gardee (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine Issue #3 – In Hot Water

Limelight Magazine – Review: Swan Lake (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Raw (Queensland Ballet)


Spinebind Magazine, Issue #3 – Cyclone in a Teacup

Hot Chicks with Big Brains, Issue #2 – A Room of our Own

Mous Magazine Issue #2 – Personal Canvas

Mous Magazine Issue #2 – Body of Work

Limelight Magazine – Review: Snow White (Ballet Prejlocaj)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Chi Udaka (Taikoz & Lingalayam)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Lest We Forget (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Strictly Gershwin (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – Fairtrade Porn

Womankind Magazine #8 – Declutter Challenge

Good Good Girl – The Silent Ranking System of Eating Disorders 

Limelight Magazine – Review: Much Ado About Nothing (Queensland Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – The Reality of Donald Trump

Mous Magazine – Forgotten but not gone


Limelight Magazine – Review: French Revelations (Southern Cross Soloists)

Mous Magazine – Interview: Lumedecor

Mous Magazine – Interview: Made by Flint

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Sleeping Beauty (Queensland Ballet)

Mous Magazine – Crafting a Change

Mous Magazine – Givin’ Girls an Ego

Limelight Magazine – Queensland Ballet announces a glamour filled 2016

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Importance of Being Earnest (W!LD RICE)

Mous Magazine – It’s not my revolution if I can’t wear pink

Mous Magazine – Interview: Milly Dent Designs

Mous Magazine – Reclaim Australia

Limelight Magazine – Review: Peter Pan (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: La Sylphide (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Three Masterpieces (American Ballet Theatre)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Desh (Akram Khan Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Swan Lake (American Ballet Theatre)

Mous Magazine – Feminism and BDSM

Mous Magazine – In(accurate) Memoriam


Limelight Magazine – Review: 2 One Another (Sydney Dance Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: The Effect (Queensland Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Coppelia (Queensland Ballet)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Cock (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Limelight Magazine – Review: Don Quixote (Imperial Russian Ballet)


Cyclone Larry: tales of survival from the children of North Queensland – A storm to remember (p.46)

Backstreet Brisbane & Backstreet Brisbaners

Backstreet Brisbane was established in 2014 as a personal blog, with the intention of creating the guide to the city I wish I had when I first moved to Brisbane in 2013. Grounded in the idea of ‘living like a local and exploring like a tourist’, Backstreet Brisbane has grown and evolved over the years, and is now a website covering a broad range of lifestyle and events in the city, including an increased focus on the performing arts. Backstreet Brisbaners was established in 2018, publishing verbatim interviews with members of Brisbane’s community, including business owners, artists, arts workers, and other individuals.;


Emergence, by Malcolm Bell